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Block Party

Pursuit: Exhibition 

The Cherry Gallery | Thurs, May 12–Sun, May 29, 2022.

Open to the public by donation during gallery hours.

Pursuit Exhibition: Opening Ceremony

The Cherry Gallery

May 12 at 6pm

Pursuit: Salon performance 

Cherry Artspace
May 27 & 28 at 7:30pm

A suite of new works and works-in-progress in a variety of media, mapping across time and across histories, in creative pursuit of revised connections to place. 

Pursuit: Exhibition. A visual art exhibition of new works by advanced graduate students in poetry/Literatures in English, architecture, and fine art. Curated by Cherry company member and National Book Award Finalist Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon. 

Feat: Nowhere on Wait by Shacoya Kidwell, Sushmitta Renganathan, and the Rememory Library

Pursuit: Salon is a mix of writings distant past and immediate present: an evening of live readings of work for the stage, as well as for audio and video. Written by Van Clief-Stefanon and recent Cornell PhD Kristen Wright, in dialogue with historical documents from the abolitionist and underground railroad movements in our area. 

Hybrid Symposium: "Words Walking Without Masters": Conversations on the Creative-Theoretical

CORNELL UNIVERSITY | April 21-22, 2022


We are a group of graduate students at Cornell University who decided to activate the creative-theoretical framework, as theorized by Professor Carole Boyce Davies, and to advance it as a critical area of creative intellectual praxis. In this regard, we recognize the creative-theoretical as both the subject of Black women’s living and the methodology they enact to assert the fullness of their humanity. The creative-theoretical refuses the assertion that theory isn’t generative and that creative work isn’t critical. It is a diasporic conversation, one that has been carried across Black feminist thought for generations. It is a reading across space and time, and an inherent recognition that our prevailing methods of knowing are insufficient for approaching the depths of Black being.

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