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The Freedom Dreams Project (BGA x Rememory)

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

The Freedom Dreams Project is a Black Girl Alchemist x Rememory Library collaboration that highlights four Black women historical figures - Harriet Tubman, Lucille Clifton, Jarena Lee, and Toni Morrison - whose collective alchemy have conjured the ways we think about revolution, writing, and freedom today. What does it mean to spend a lifetime in magic, communing with both the living and the dead, defying the limits of the possible, and shaping and shifting ourselves to the visions and rhythms of unfolding, future freedoms? What does it mean to know that Harriet Tubman sees you in her dreams; Toni Morrison teases language with your descriptive image; Lucille Clifton practices her recitations in your name; Jarena Lee preaches to you(r ancestors)? If we are the product of what was once a sleepy wish materialized by enchanted actions, not only does this mean we ourselves are infused with the magic of past divinations, but we too can dream the Black girl alchemists of the future. We, too, possess the power to envision, commune, enchant, and enact.

As you read through the materials collected here, consider the everyday magic these women performed; the magic you witness everyday; and the magic you want to perform on/for the world. Dream of freedom then make it come true; you can choose to write, paint, perform, speak. These actions of conjuring realities and materializing visions are the first step to creating something new. Think of your language as your incantation. Your dances as your ceremony. Your dreamings as your visions. Your magic is powerful. Know your power, and go forth and create new worlds ✨


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